Supermarket ASMR toys grocery

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Supermarket game is full of fun activities that involves shopping of multiple products that includes but not limited to Toys, Fruits, Vegetables, Pop it, Fidget, Donuts, cupcakes and Biscuits.

The supermarket game also comprises of other activities in which you can do classification of products.

The supermarket ASMR grocery game has amazing activity of Fruits slicing and its signature activity is Food making which involves Baking Cakes, Biscuits, Cupcakes and Donuts.

Supermarket game also comprises of cleaning activity where user removes stains from objects.

Featured Activities:
- Shopping
- Food Making (Cakes, Biscuits, Cupcakes and Donuts)
- Sorting Game
- Fruit Slicing
- Fidget Collection
- Cleaning Activity

Download and Enjoy Shopping.